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Event Suitability

Creating Unforgettable Gatherings with Perfect Fairground Experiences!


Choosing to host a fairground for an event or as an added feature can be a lot of fun for everyone!

Whether it is a one-off event or something that is likely to happen again next year, the scope is fantastic.

Elevate Your Corporate Event with Funfair Excitement!

Ensuring Safety and Fun: Key Aspects for an Enjoyable Event


A big factor to consider is does the venue have enough space to host the event. This will help determine which catering vendors, fairground attractions or entertainment will be best suited to you event.


Considerations need to be taken into consideration such as:

  • The Footprint of the Attractions

  • Pinch Points

  • Safety Passages

  • Permissions

*Permissions may be needed from local council authorities or land owner's to host private events on their land.


Vehicle access is a pivotal aspect of any event. Choosing a site with good access will make an event run smoothly from inception to completion.


Access for your guests or the public is another important aspect of any event.


Things to consider as follows:

  • Will they be able to find the event site easily?

  • Is there adequate parking for the amount of attendees you are expecting?

  • Is there good public transport links to the event?

  • Can people travel on foot to the event?


Running an event doesn't consist of just ride selection. Other key areas need to be considered to make sure your event runs as efficiently and safely as possible. 


These include:


  • Food and Drink Facilities

  • Welfare Facilities

  • Power outlet


If you need any of the amenities above don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team. We have got you covered.

Attractions for Your Audience to Enjoy

Appealing to your audience with ride and attraction suitability is pivotal to any gathering no matter the size or infrastructure.

Attractions, vendors and entertainment should be tailored to meet the needs of yours guests.


We have a mass offering at our disposal so please feel free to contact our team for more information.

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